Personal Water Well Systems

When you own your own personal water well, you are responsible for the quality of water you use, BSI can help. We offer filtration for removal of Iron, Calcium Build Up, Hydrogen Sulfide, Sediment, Acidity and Much More.



Municipal Water Supplies

We offer water filtration for the whole home/office that will remove Chlorine, Calcium Deposits, Bad Taste and Odors & Staining. BSI offers service and maintenance on existing filtration.

Drinking Water Filtration

No matter where the water you and your family consume comes from, it should all be filtered for safety. BSI professionally installs Reverse Osmosis point-of-use filtration anywhere you like. 

Brad &   Stacie Inks  drinking water filter & water filter system &Whole House water filters

Water Filtration/Purification & Water Well Specialists